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Industrial security services in Ontario


Dedicated in providing leading edge security services to various organizations.

We understand that every client requires their own unique gatehouse security needs to be fulfilled and this is why we offer a wide range of services from our gatehouse security guards. These industrial sites have become frequent targets for criminals who see your property as an opportunity for them to make a quick buck. Security problems can cause a significant amount of downtime and cost a company thousands. A security preparedness plan can help you avoid problems normally associated with security problems such as a criminal gaining access to your company's private files, merchandise or equipment.

Our personnel are prepared to meet your high expectations for site security management and will help limit your facility's risk and liability. While every facility is different, they can all benefit from enhanced identification verification for access, visible checks of all vehicles and packages, increased perimeter security and a heightened awareness of people or events that appear out of the ordinary.

Industrial security requires a wide variety of security tools including guard services, surveillance cameras and more. Properly utilizing industrial security tactics will allow you to keep your property and your professions safe. It is also important that you understand the threat of vandalism and that you protect your industrial location.

Industrial site security services includes:

- It is important during both working hours and after working hours. Because criminals often wait for the cover of darkness before they strike. So, having a security guard on site nad monitoring security cameras will greatly improve security and keep your property safe.
- Control and monitor movement of vehicles and visitors.
- Emergency response.
- Maintain log books and registers.
- CCTV monitoring
- Regular foot and mobile perimeter patrols.