Parking enforcement

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Parking enforcement

Parking enforcement

Dedicated in providing leading edge security services to various organizations.

We provide you superior security services for an affordable rate to all our clients. Our security members secure their clients' parking lots against thefts and other whatever criminal activity. Roughly 80% of criminal activity that takes place at business offices, shopping centers and strip malls occurs in the parking lot.

How our parking enforcement services satisfy clients?

Investing in the requisite parking lot security and surveillance can improve security, deter crime, reduce potential liability and make your patrons and employees feel safer. All our security members are extensively screened and fully licensed, bonded and insured. They are experts at enforcing our clients' parking regulations. With our parking enforcement progrmam you can focus on your own business, we kept our eyes on our service and enure you to do our best.

Our Parking Enforcement service includes:

- Ensuring parking lots for employees, clients and visitors of your company.
- Warnings and tow citations
- vehicle towing facilitation
- Daily reports
- Parking pass issuance
- Theft and Vandalism deterrence