Residential Complexes

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Residential Complexes

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People want to feel safe in their own homes, whether they live in a gated community, apartment complex, or high-rise building. More and more communities are implementing security measures or enhancing their current security program. We've been providing peace of mind to residents and management alike. Our experience in the security industry has given us a keen understanding of the safety and security needs of suburban neighborhoods and gated communities. Our residential security services can be highly customized to fit the needs, budget, and unique culture of your community.

High-Rise and Urban Living

Our residential security services for high-rise apartment homes, lofts, and condos are tailor-made to meet the unique challenges that face these types of buildings. We always begin with an in-depth evaluation of the building's safety and security needs and current security programs. Our officers provide service ranging from controlled access to regular patrols, from door services to emergency response. The Security environment for high rise residential buildings has changed from traditional security practices to modern technologies. We provide you good security environment consists of electronic access control (Smart card) CCTV monitoring, sufficient lighting throughout the property, well planned emergency procedures, and above all highly trained security staff.